Mugs I Own & The Memories Attached

Inspired by @karlalucia.
  1. I L O V E mugs!
  2. It's an obsession actually.
  3. Sometimes I get them to commemorate moments or seasons of life.
  4. Here we go...
  5. My brother lived with a British family for a year. He came back with a passion for tea & this mug. I stole it from him & I named it Chippy & it's the perfect tea drinking mug.
  6. My mom got me this for Christmas. I only use it at Christmas time.
  7. Got this on the San Juan Islands a few years back. I'm also obsessed with whales. 🐋
  8. My Secret Santa at work last year got me this be/c they knew I loved travel. (Turns out my SS was my boss, ha.)
  9. My mom & I have matching of this one & it's like one of my FAVES for drinking coffee. Also that blue!
  10. I am a SUCKER for free things. Got this on my uni campus a few years ago be/c free hot chocolate. I am not Jewish.
  11. My friend made me this! Ah!
  12. Again, free mug. I think this is a coffee shop in Seattle? I've never been.
  13. My favorite coffee shop in my hometown. SO many memories & such good stumptown coffee.
  14. I got this the day I graduated college last month from the uni bookstore. Go Dawgs!
  15. I never use this mug! I don't know why. I bought it when I visited Costa Rica a few years ago.
  16. If you get this reference, I'll love you forever. I sadly only use this for pens though be/c the design was rubbing off.
  17. My #1 mug. I use it almost daily. My mugception JF & JT mug. Again, if you know the reference. I took a matching pic with it as well...
  18. :)
  19. That's all, folks! I love my mugs! ☕️☕️☕️