One Day I'll Tell My Kids About

  1. How I got this scar
  2. I was making breakfast for myself (a fine June morning) ☀️
  3. Eggs in a hole with some shredded Parmesan so fancy
  4. And I was also watching the office on my phone
  5. Been binging some old season 2&3 eps, the best bec Jim & Pam tension
  6. So, I was running water on the burning egg pan while simultaneously turning to watch Michael play "hot hot hot" on his xylophone post Jamaica trip, and it didn't go well
    (I couldn't find the right gif but this is my fave of all time)
  7. I burned my arm in two places
  8. Netflix on my phone + making eggs = burn. So 2016 of me. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.