Photos From Seattle's Gum Wall 🍬

They hosed & melted it all down a few months ago. Didn't take long for seattleites to put it all back up. It's a disgusting wall, but it's our wall. :)
  1. ABC gum. And business cards?
  2. People get clever in order to leave their personal touch.
  3. Nothing is safe from gum in this alley.
  4. The dripping gum makes my stomach churn.
  5. That's one way to get followers.
  6. I spy...
  7. Oh hey there little sucker 🍭
  8. Now that's precious.
  9. If you come to Seattle, check it out. Post Alley under Pike Place. It's in the top 5 germiest tourist attractions in the world, right up there with Blarney Stone. 😝