I have to admit - this is my first time listening to Spotify's Monday Discover playlist! And wow! It is like someone gave me a little gift to start out the week.
  1. These are my faves of this week & wow they are hitting me hard baby.
  2. Static
    "I won't only love you when you're winning. Other fools pretend to understand. Cmon take my hand and we'll go down swinging. Let me be your man." (**my fave pick of the week**)
  3. Static
    "Baby you mean the world to me maybe sometimes hard to see but baby you mean everything to me." - YOU GUYS HIS VOICE (**my 2nd fave pick of the week**)
  4. Static
    "Whatever it takes to make your heart forget, I'll do. Oh baby let me love the lonely out of you." (**my 3rd fave pick of the week**)
  5. Static
    "Every time you cry, I cry. Every time you smile, I smile with you."
  6. Static
    "Baby, let's stay home tonight. We can put a couple records on. We can build a fire all right. Maybe we can dance til dawn."
  7. Static
    "You found me here, underground."
  8. Static
    "Maybe if I tell myself enough, maybe if I do, I'll get over you." (I just love all her songs.)
  9. Static
    "Cmon and hold on to me, you got a hold on, you got a hold on to me." (Her babe makes an appearance in this one, so cute!)
  10. Static
    "You're in my blood like holy wine, you taste so bitter and so sweet, well I could drink a case of you." (I already loooovvveee this song & this version is alright too!)
  11. Static
    "Loving you loving you is too hard. All I do all I do is not enough."
  12. Static
    "Somebody please, help me, cause I am falling apart, I am falling apart!" (Super sad & soulful!)
  13. Static
    "I'm not trying to ruin your happiness, but darling don't you know I'm the only one for you." (sometimes his voice annoys me, but I liked this one.)
  14. Static
    "Everything's fine when your heads resting next to mine next to mine."
  15. Static
    "You like Frank Sinatra, Whitney and Etta James too. You're scared of where you're headed cause you know where you've been too."
  16. Static
    "Ooh I wanna dance with somebody, I want to feel the heat with somebody..." (A bit cheesy but that chorus man.)
  17. Static
    "So come let me love you, come let me love you, and then, color me in." (Damien Rice anything really)
  18. Static
    "And even though we ain't got money I'm so in love with you honey and everything bring a chain of love, and in the morning when I rise, bring a test of joy to my eyes and tell me everything is gonna be alright."
  19. Static
    "And I will follow where this takes me And my tomorrows long to be unknown When all is shaken, be my safety In a world uncertain, say you'll be my stone."
  20. Static
    "On the nights so dark we see all the stars. In a town so small that we call it ours. With whiskey and coke in our mason jars here's to the years sweeter than candy bars."
  21. Are they all like this week's? So wonderful you have to choose 19 favorites? Also, soulful and tear jerking? Can't wait for next Monday.