It was a mere two brain thought differently
  1. I left my license at the pub (in real life). I went to retrieve it and they made me fill out a butt load of paper work and then handed me a receipt for their trouble. I had to pay $205 just to get the license back. I fought back but finally left agreeing to pay the scary curly haired man in monthly instalments.
  2. I was travelling in a big van with old family friends. I assumed we were all going on an adventure together. Then they pulled up at my old church where a giant outdoor palooza was going on. I began to freak out. Why are we here. They said "we needed another car. You have to get out." I didn't want to see these ppl & began to panic.
  3. I was riding the bus with my friend. A weirdish (homeless?) man behind us started to yell. The bus driver was like please stop. Then the man began shooting forward with a hand gun. I remember thinking "just look forward and don't give attention." The bus driver was like ah hell no. The man continued to fire. No one was hurt. Bad aim?
  4. My friend & I were camping & decided to take a day trip to visit DC. We hopped on a train that zipped thru mtns. We arrived and instantly saw ppl screaming & running. Lightning had struck the library of congress (which looked an awful lot like my school library). It was crumbling & collapsing. We sprinted back to the train & zipped away...
    Continued: And my friend remarked on how at least the daily White House mtg had already taken place and thus the POTUS was safe. I remember thinking, "huh she would know the time of those meetings."
  5. I came home & my parents were feverishly redecorating & working on the house. One of their old friends had requested to have a party at our house & my mom wanted it all to look up to par. Specifics: she dug all the Christmas cards out of the trash and strung them up so the guests coming would think we love them.
    Continued: And she rebuilt & restocked all the book cases...filling them with family pictures and random books.
  6. That was an unproductive nap time.