Look, I love ot5 as much as the next girl. But we can all agree on these things, right? 🙄
  1. Adding a Z to every living and nonliving thing.
    We are not your zquad. They are not zingles. This is not Z016. You get it.
  2. Capitalizing everything.
    It stops being cute when it's all.the.things. including your name. Why bro? 🙃
  3. Myspacing titles.
    YoU kNoW wHAt iM reFFerRiNg tooOOo.
  4. Having just 7 min concerts.
    Those poor, sad fans. Also, why? Did he ever say? Was that the allotted, scheduled plan?
  5. Throwing shade.
    You aren't the first boy-bander to go solo. You don't have to tell every interviewer you never wanted to be in 1D or the boys don't return your calls. Sure, get mad at Modest. Have a cow. But leave H, Li, Ni and Lou out of the shade-throwing. Thanks. (Read this -
  6. Did I miss anything?