& her answers!
  1. Meet Alexa, amazons echo. She is loads of fun and has loads of brains.
  2. My 6 yr old niece & 7 yr old nephew had some things to ask her this morning...
  3. Alexa what sound does a pig make?
    I don't think I have the answer for that. #liar
  4. Alexa oh yes uh umm Alexa uhhhh
    Too late.
  5. Alexa what are you doing today?
    She's answering questions and learning so much she said
  6. Alex what should we play today?
    She didn't know...
  7. Alexa turn on a really good song
    She chose a pride & prej song lol, which prompted the nephew to ask -
  8. Alexa put on a rock song put on rockstar put on rock music
  9. And finally my favorite: Alexa go pee!
    Followed by a TON of giggles
  10. 🙄 #kids