I noticed recently that my habits are often broken into weeks. For instance, last week I was into grapefruits, Serial & putting off writing my friend a bday card. The week before was granola, The Flash & using lotion religiously. These lists will be purely for my own documentation, albeit a time capsule of sorts.
  1. Eating: frosted mini wheats
  2. Drinking: lattes
  3. Listening to: many, many podcasts & a handful of TED Talks
  4. Watching: (or should I say binging, there is no other way for me) How I Met Your Mother (1st time!)
  5. Reading: a lot of lists
  6. Neglecting: filling out that same bday card :/
  7. Fulfilling: a birthday/bedrest gift basket for a poor, sweet friend (spoiler: she loved it)
  8. Making: short videos for school
  9. Wearing: shorts (the ☀️ came out in force this wk!) & the ol Birks came out too
  10. Laughing at: every single "favorite scenes from the office" list