1. Listening to: Millennial Podcast
    I think I've listened to 17 episodes in 2 days. It's literally me right now.
  2. Eating: Plums
  3. Watching: Gilmore Girls, Season 6
    L & R are still barely talking :(
  4. Reading: Brooklyn
    Loved the movie! Just starting the book.
  5. Loving: My kiddie pool to beat the heat
    Yep, I bought a pool be/c suddenly Seattle is 90 degrees.
  6. Hating: Me Before You (film)
    Disappointing for m a n y reasons.
  7. Drinking: Coffee with a straw (😝)
    Be/c I got my teeth bleached 😁
  8. Wearing: Natives
    Kids wear em. But so do I. Ppl call them crocs but they're not! I am a huge Natives fan!
  9. Googling: Golden retriever puppies, Matt Damon, Angie Tribeca, J crew jeans and tips for planning a grad party
    Should I be watching Angie??
  10. Playing on repeat: The Head and the Heart's new single "All We Ever Knew"