To The Kindergarten Graduates, From A College Graduate

  1. Hi kiddos.
  2. You did it. You passed 180 something days without your Mama by your side.
  3. You arted and you crafted.
  4. You ate snacks and sang a million songs about letters and numbers.
  5. You wore out your washable markers and broke all your crayola crayons in half.
  6. You learned how to lead lines, read books & fake sleep on those tiny mat things at the designated rest time.
    Was that just me?
  7. Some of my best memories were in Kindergarten. Days were long but simple. Friendships were just beginning. The world lay before me.
  8. You don't know all of the things you'll see and do by the time you reach my stage of life.
    It's baffling to consider that now.
  9. There will be SO many ups - solid book reports, kind and inspiring teachers, parties and dances, field trips to the aquarium, the sweetest friendships that might just last a lifetime.
  10. But dears - and I wish I could put this in a tinier font so as to maybe dissuade you from reading it - there will also be SO many downs.
  11. Downs that make you want to scream into your pillow, give up, or even punch a hole in the wall ala Andy Bernard.
  12. You will lose some friends, make some bad grades, make even worse decisions, hurt the people you love, not make the school play you worked so hard for, miss parties or sleepovers that seem so crucial, and even be the only kid who wears the wrong uniform shirt on your first day of wearing school uniforms.*
    *true story
  13. All of those little things can feel so massive.
  14. That's ok.
  15. Perspective is everything.
  16. And like my dad still always tells me, it will all work out.
  17. Now, there are a lot of things I could tell you, but I just want to narrow it down to one.
  18. Enjoy it.
  19. It all flies by so very fast.
  20. I'm graduating college this weekend and while I am thrilled, it's also bittersweet.
  21. You move on and move into new things so quick. It's a season of life you never go back to. (for most)
  22. So, enjoy every moment of it. Every exhilarating accomplishment, every new friendship, every time you do something that is *your* thing.
  23. Enjoy the moments in between. The little things that seem insignificant - late nights, coffee runs, deep conversations, field trips, pizza parties, carpool, weekends, infinite possibilities, all those things.
  24. Feel & enjoy everything. It goes by quick. And then you're done. You walk down the aisle, across the stage, shake a hand, receive a paper, and walk off into a vast & fast-paced world.
  25. Just like that - you've finished nearly two decades of schooling.
  26. But you've got (hopefully) at least six decades left in the rest of L I F E.
  27. Now go get busy playing and slip-n-sliding and zoo-hopping and lemonade drinking! It's summer, kiddos & 1st grade is around the corner!
  28. From a 2016 college graduate to the 2016 kindergarteners, aka the graduating college class of 2032! Cheers to us! 🎓
  29. Inspired by my niece who graduated kindergarten this year.
    She's my doppelgänger. :)