Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Woke up & took thyroid med.
  2. Coffee & toast & parks and rec.
    Ann & Chris are having a boy!
  3. Worked out.
  4. Bought a bday gift for a friend.
  5. Met that friend for coffee & waffles at a new place.
  6. Rediscovered "ghosts that we knew" by Mumford and sons. So so good.
  7. Babysat my nanny family.
  8. When it was pitch black we jumped on the trampoline while I played party music & swirled a flash light over our heads. A memory for sure!
  9. Came home, took a bath & read lists.
  10. Avoided packing for vacay tmr.
  11. UPDATED to add: 11:45pm - I made waffles & ate them in bed be/c I'm a night owl.