🇨🇦VANCOUVER🇨🇦 Trip: Visiting Locations From ⚡️THE FLASH⚡️

Calling all CW Flash fans!!! No signs of Barry or Iris. But some great spots & even little Lego Barry joined the trip.
  1. STOP 1: Central City Police Department
    In reality: Vancouver city hall. But the first thing I saw when I drove up...The gold doors!!!
  2. Look at that smug face. He's so cute.
  3. STOP 2: Barry Allen's childhood home
    In reality: some lucky person's real home. In a quaint little neighbourhood not far from the city, we found Barry's sweet blue house. It's the most peaceful street & yet soooo much trauma takes place here on the show.
  4. STOP 3: Restaurant from Barry & Patty's "blind" date
    In reality: Vancouver Public Library. The location was actually on a top floor that looked out on the whole city but it's closed to the public. In essence it looks just like what's down on that floor across from where I took the pic. It was way cooler looking on the show. (Super cool library nevertheless.)
  5. STOP 4: S.T.A.R. Labs
    In reality: hockey arena (built for olympics!) This thing is massive. And it's sooo awesome. And I can just picture it chalk full of meta humans.
  6. S.T.A.R. Labs in the distance. Barry about to take off.
  7. STOP 5: The Bridge...where Eddie almost proposed & Iris found out the truth about Barry
    In reality: False Creek Pedestrian Bridge in Olympic village area.
  8. S.T.A.R. Labs in the distance.
  9. Such a huge moment from the show HAD to be reenacted here. Ha! (insert ⚡️&✨ between their hands)
  10. That's all we found! Here's one last shot of Lego Barry enjoying a Vancouver latte. ⚡️☕️
  11. ...
  12. BONUS: We also saw Man In the High Castle being filmed on Richards Street. That was SO cool.
  13. Vancouver holds lots of film shoots, which makes it a pretty awesome place to run around. :)