I watched the Gilmore Girls finale last night. Laughed. Cried. Then felt that depressing longing feeling when it was over, like that's it? That's all I'll see of Stars Hollow & these people's lives?? I hate ending amazing shows. (Yes, the revival is a very happy thought but still, it's gonna be different.)
  1. Some things I will miss about this show:
  2. The writing!
    I laughed out loud several times every single episode. Dripping with sarcasm & wit. They talk so fast, you gotta turn the volume up & really watch or you'll miss moments. It's sincerely impeccable scriptwriting.
  3. Lorelai & Rory banter
    The dialogue in this show I tell ya. 💯
  4. Luke's diner
    I wish it existed in my neighborhood. I'd stop in ten times a day.
  5. Emily & Richard
    Awful obvi but I don't know I liked them at times. Emily is so ridiculous she's hysterical. (Like when she told off Mrs Huntzberger in this gif ohhh yeaaa!)
  6. Paris!
    Perhaps my favorite character at the end of the day. Her lines were over the top hilarious! She became so endearing.
  7. Their home
    So many memories, what a journey.
  8. Sookie
    Everyone needs a friend like Sookie in their life. So funny, yet honest & consistent. I'm still looking for mine.
  9. The theme song
    I love it & my 9 mo old niece dances to it & it's the cutest thing you'll ever see. Carole King baby.
  10. Heart & humor
    It sounds cheesy but it's hard these days to get all that humor & brilliant writing combined with heartfelt, real moments. I loved following these characters' story arcs.
  11. Grumpy baseball hat flannel shirt wearing coffee making Luke
    "I just like to see you happy." :')
  12. Lane & Zach
    You guys, I came to love Zach! Didn't know if I would. And Lane - I've always adored her. Talk about a great best friend.
  13. Antics of a small town
    It seems so unreal, only in Hollywood, but it's charming and endearing and comedy.
  14. The outfits of Rory & Lorelai
    Something about that early 2000s fashion. So intriguing to me what those two would pull together.
  15. Rory & me
    Funny thing but where I'm at right now & where Rory was at the last season are pretty similar. I just graduated college & am job hunting & it feels overwhelming & you feel not good enough & like everyone around you is succeeding. But then a door opens up. (I'm still waiting for my door.)
  16. Ending each night with an episode or two or three. ;)
    Does that make me really sad that I got excited for that each day? Hey whatever gets you through the days I guess.
  17. So much more. Waaaahhhh. I hate endings!
  18. But...I can't wait for the revival in the fall. Until then, I think I'll start season one again like tonight. Ha!