I'm a spender and I can't help it, and it makes literally no sense since I am in graduate school...
  1. LULULEMON: this automatically deserves the number one spot because a pair of pants is like 100 bucks... so naturally....
  2. WHOLE FOODS: I realize I now sound extremely basic but how can you not buy those $14 salads or that artesian water once you cross that threshold
  3. BOOK STORE: the system still got me buying them textbooks. That's all I want to say about that. #hundos
  4. ANY PLACE THAT SELLS PIZZA: if you don't buy an entire large pizza for yourself on your single af nights (aka every night), you're doing it wrong
  5. STARBS: why do I buy two drinks sometimes?
  6. BARS: I'm too in love with alcohol. Not surprising.