Inspired by @biz
  1. People who are too bubbly
    I will ask you to bring your energy level down a few notches
  2. People who are happy all the god damn time
    I get it, your life is good. Mine is pretty cool too. I'm a content person by nature but you won't find me running up to my long lost friend and squealing.
  3. Speaking 🗣 of.... Women who do that annoying jumping/squealing thing when they see someone.
  4. When I don't like someone baby 👶
    I'm just like um... Ok that's a thing. Great. Can we move on now?
  5. People who don't like swearing
    But I swear like a fucking sailor so fuck you
  6. People who don't know personal space 🚀
    Like, back the fuck off man I'm not trying to bathe in the ghost 👻 of what you had for lunch.
  7. That awkward bathroom 🚽 towel thing
    You're supposed to be about to pull out down 👇 to get a fresh section of towel but it hasn't been changed it since 1973 so you just wipe your hands on your pants 👖 instead
  8. Children who scream like their hair is on fire 🔥
    And always feel like I should call 📞 the cops or something.
  9. Socks in bed....
  10. People who tell me my dog 🐶 is beautiful
    And then want to guess which kind of dog he is but they're always wrong 👎
  11. Pony tails on men.....
  12. Wanting to punch 👊 someone in the throat but can't because, ya know, jail and shit 💩