Favorite Things to Have Favorites Of

Not to be confused with a list of my favorite things, you idiot.
  1. Meteorologists on The Weather Channel
    Vivian Brown
  2. Cheap beer
    Bud Heavy
  3. Dead President
    Millard Fillmore
  4. Flannel shirt
    This one.
  5. Legends of the Hidden Temple team
    Blue Barracudas
  6. Kind of eggs
  7. Brother
  8. Followill brother
  9. Physical item to judge and then extrapolate what kind of person you are
    Phone case
  10. Pens
    Those green TD Banks ones
  11. Time to send a Venmo charge
    Three days later, after I've made a spreadsheet of the transactions.
  12. Carbs
    Peach rings
  13. Thing to teach someone about even if they DGAF
    The difference between a dash, an en dash, and an em dash.
  14. Photos of Leonardo DiCaprio "hiding in plain sight"
    This one.
  15. Addiction
    Buying in bulk
  16. Shallow dating bias
    Must be >6' to ride this ride.
  17. Way to organize apps on my phone
    By color
  18. Stereotypical White People Thing™
    Regularly attending Dave Matthews Band concerts.
  19. Word to never learn how to spell correctly
    inconvience...inconveince ... inconvenience
  20. Instagram accounts that I don't follow, but check regularly
    Former Bachelor/Bacherlorette contestants
  21. FM radio stations
    WKQL Ann Arbor's 107one
  22. Sexist-self-deprecating-but-very-true thing I say to flirt even though I'm a feminist
    I make a damn good sandwich.
  23. Misheard lyric
    "Like a ceiling fan hold-er" (Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis "Can't Hold Us")
  24. Regional brand of bottled water
    Zephyerhills. You, know, the one from Florida that sounds like an STD.