1. Most of you didn't even know this was an emoji. But it is! Right there between🔃and ©. I use it often, along with some liberal capitalization, to emphasize The Funny™.
  2. 🚨
    This first creeped into my "FREQUENTLY USED" list when trying to improvise a hockey emoji. 🚨🚨Shawzy!🚨🚨 Have also used to alert people about things I'm overemphasizing 🚨red alert🚨Alabama Shakes tickets on sale Friday at 10AM🚨
  3. 😈
    It's a devil... But it's smiling devil. Sassy and sweet, but definitely up to no good. When I'm trying to negotiate someone coming to meet me on 1st Ave when they live on Central Park West: "The one on...the east side?" "Yes😈" "Whoa! What's with the devil?" "Autocorrect."
  4. 🙌
    I have gotten into a near friendship-ending fight about the meaning of this one. I think that it is praise hands. (My dead-to-me-friend thinks that it's a touchdown emoji.) "Got double steak at Chipotle, but they didn't charge me extra for it 🙌"
  5. 🎶
    Similar to ™ I use this to emphasize that not only do I know a lot of song lyrics, but also that I have great comedic-text-timing. Like when I find out that a friend doesn't eat (beloved) avocados: "Wait—you don't eat avocados?!" "I'm coming around-- I don't really intentionally eat them, but I don't avoid them either" "🎶 you're unbelievable🎶"
  6. 😑
    Resting Bitch Face™ for when I'm unenthused. "Everyone voted and we're gonna go do karaoke for this months company event!!" "😑"
  7. 🍳
    Look—I love eggs. I eat a lot of eggs. My nickname is Gaston. I have spent so much time—too much time, really—talking about eggs. "BRB, going to get some 🍳, we only have 6 left and I need to make breakfast."
  8. 💡
    For when I'm trying to emote "bright idea, motherfucker." "Ugh. This guy on the train is so smelly!" "Tell him to stop being so smelly. Or move 💡"