Startup life is hectic, challenging, often thankless, and lends itself to self-absorption. Imagine if you could re-calibrate your perspective, take a journey, and clear your mind.
  1. Enter, Stars Up.
  2. Simply open the app, select a meeting time/date that works for you, and type in your email address.
    That's all that is on the app, just a calendar with available dates.
  3. In your confirmation email—powered by MailChimp™—you will receive a physical address and a password.
  4. On your assigned date and time, show up at the location and recite the password.
    The location is an Apple store, the password is 'valuation.'
  5. You will be led into a speakeasy—refreshments including cold-brew-bullet-coffee will be available.
  6. There will be 10 minuets to do some quick networking.
  7. Next, you will be introduced to your Catalyst of Experience (COE). Imagine them as your CEO, your Team Lead, your VC, and your mother—all in one.
  8. You will be handed a blindfold.
    The blindfold is fair-trade, locally sourced, designed by Herschel in collaboration with Warby Parker under a partnership with Shinola, and handmade by stay-at-home dads whose wives are leaning in.
  9. You will be blindfolded and led into a vehicle.
    You will be told that it is a commercial-size Tesla, but really, it will be a Ford Transit.
  10. On the ride you will enjoy previously unreleased podcast episodes of Zero to Scale, Re/code Decode, and, of course, Startup.
  11. Once you have arrived at your destination, your COE will instruct you to remove your blindfold.
  12. You will find yourself in the middle of a large field. At night. In the dark.
  13. There will be a 4 minuet period for you to attempt to capture the beauty of the starry night sky on your phone using various apps.
  14. During this time, your COE will laugh, out loud, and then tell you that there is no WiFi available, so forget about checking Slack.
  15. You will then be instructed to lie on your backs and look up at the stars.
  16. Really look at them.
  17. Your COE will then ask the following question:
  18. "How important do you feel right now?"
  19. Don't answer too quickly. Really think about it.
  20. Once everyone has answered, your Catalyst of Experience will ask the next and final question:
  21. "How important do you feel now, knowing that each and every star you are looking at is a luminous sphere of plasma, held together by it's own gravity—some of which are the center of their own solar system, probably containing life?"
  22. Stars Up. Bring yourself back down to Earth.™