Is this thing on?
  1. I didn't have to add my middle initial, or numbers, to my username.
    Was way late to the party on gmail and IG (I'm terrible with directions and probably got lost) so I am stuck with first-name-middle-initial-last name. This reminds me, I should email the lucky lady (or man) that has ashleyrock at gmail dot com tomorrow and see if they're willing to give it up.
  2. @john is here.
    Hi! I'm been using your "ha stands for 'humor appreciated'" line left and right for years and this seems like the proper platform to give credit where credit is due. Also, call me.
  3. A new addiction, er... I mean, creative outlet.
    Long-winded captions/comments on that *other* app are so passé, 140 characters really cramps my style, and I'm almost out of ways to say "brunch" in emojis on Venmo.