1. WTF?
  2. ?!
  3. No, but, really what in the...?
  4. Is this a joke?
  5. Nope, they are serious.
  6. I cannot move until the doors actually open.
  7. Tourist?
  8. Maybe they have to pee?
  9. Maybe they already did.
  10. I have to pee.
  11. They just got back from a therapy session in which their homework was to commit to decisions.
  12. Are they mute and this is the only way they think they can alert us that they have to get off?
  13. Now the person behind me is pissed at me because I stepped on them because the person in front of me stood up too early.
  14. Did something bite them on their butt?
  15. I hope it's not bed bugs.
  16. Were they put here by a higher being to test my patience?
  17. I probably failed.
  18. Does this person really think that they are the only person on this filled-to-capacity train that is getting off at the next stop?
  19. Maybe they are from an outer borough and this is their first time in a crowed Manhattan subway car?
  20. Maybe they—erroneously—thought that it smelled better up here?
  21. Here we go... train is coming to a stop.
  22. Oh.
  23. OHH!
  24. Would you look at that.
  25. They sat back down.
  26. This isn't even their stop.