The context: I am running out of shows I haven't watched. I know that football and The Rock are involved. My friend told me it was 'douchy-funny, like Entourage and also Denzel Washington's hot-ass son is in it'' 🚨spoilers, probably🚨
  1. Episode 1
  2. This opening is so lame. Especially since this is HBO.
  3. Chewing on painkillers. Principle character problem, established.
  4. I've been to Miami before. It doesn't actually look that cool.
  5. I think it only looks that cool from a helicopter or a yacht.
  6. Remember when The Rock was a wrestler? That was funny.
  7. Maybe we will look back on this time in a few years and think 'Remeber when Dwayne Johnson was an actor?' That was funny. Except it wasn't. Because he is not very good at acting.
  8. Is he an agent or a money manager?
    I'm also scrolling through the past 8 hours of IG while watching this.
  9. A wealth management specialist. What a weird take on a sports series.
  10. IRL he'd probaly have had too many concussions to ever sustain an office job. (Too soon?)
  11. Oh wow, funeral. That's morose.
  12. @robcorddry is in it. I get it now, I think. This is supposed to be a comedy?
  13. Club scene. Here. We. Go
  14. CSI Miami guy! What a strange typecast...
  15. Wait a min. Is that Ryan Merriman from Disney's Luck of the Irish?!
  16. It so is.
  17. Why do I even remember that?
  18. So everyone in this show is cheating on their partners? Sigh.
  19. So The Rock is not suppposed to be an agent? Are you sure?
  20. Fun game: close your eyes and guess who is talking—Barak Obama or Dwayne Johnson?
  21. The titles of the episodes are so embarrassing for whoever is writing them.