Tv I Watched With My Parents Growing Up

  1. Burke's Law
    The 90s revival of the 60s classic. No one has ever heard of this show—it was short lived— but I was obsessed with it.
  2. The Weather Channel
    My family loves TWC. Maybe like how your family loves your local NFL team. We refer to each meteorologist by first name. (Or nickname—looking at you, Storm Master G) This affinity hasn't waned.
  3. Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
    If the Internet had been around when this was on, Joe Lando would have been the face of "Hey Girl".
  4. Touched By An Angel
    This was on way past my bedtime but my mother would let me watch it because it was, like, church.
  5. My So Called Life
    I watched this in real time and have basically never shut up about it.
  6. Bob Vila's Home Again
    This was my gateway drug to HGTV.
  7. Mad About You
    The lady from Twister! I think they named their baby Mabel? In my small, young mind they lost all credibility there.
  8. Hockey
    Specifically the Detroit Red Wings. A fixture October through June. Gritty, raw, and badass— a true reflection of the city. Remember when the puck would turn red or blue depending on how fast it was going? Adorable use of technology.