I fucking love Halloween
  1. Powdered Toast Man - most people thought I was spongebob.
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  2. The "I like turtles" zombie kid - YouTube it and try not to laugh.
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  3. Empire State of Mind (Jay Z version) - I made this fucking hat and it lights up. I didn't win a competition for best costume and I'm still bitter about it.
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  4. A rollerskating banana - I don't know when I added corona pj pants to the outfit. Probably after I fell for the gazillionith time and put on some random girls slippers.
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  5. Kiss member (I barely remember this) - I might have a blackout problem.
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  6. Princess Leia - my boyfriend at the time really wanted to be Han Solo or Luke Skywalker. I don't remember which one it was because this is horrible guy and I would actually be ok if someone murdered him.
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  7. Avril Lavigne? - or maybe I was just goth. I was going through a weird death metal period where I really loved Between the Buried and Me.
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