It's nice to boost yourself up every now and then
  1. I'm always spouting off random trivia
    I'm great at dinner parties.
  2. I'm an excellent dip maker.
    Taco dip, pizza dip, greek dip, dunkaroos dip....
  3. I'm the #1 draft pick for board games
    See #1
  4. I can fold like nobody's business.
    You should see my method for folding boxers.
  5. I have great restaurant recommendations.
    Thanks The Infatuation and EaterNY.
  6. I know the best dishes to order at restaurants.
    Once again, thank you Infatuation and yelp.
  7. I'm great at making you feel comfortable enough that you can tell me all of your deepest, darkest secrets.
    I got it from my Momma.