1. How in the hell was this show on NBC?
  2. Why the fuck did this show get cancelled?
  3. Why isn't Hugh Dancy in more great things?
  4. Hugh Dancy is married to Claire Danes. They both are actors that are great at being convincing crazy people. I wonder if they share notes or stay in character at home?
  5. Why does Jack go everywhere alone?
  6. I hate you Cynthia Nixon. I didn't even bother learning your character name.
  7. Do humans taste good?
    I can't believe I'm even thinking this but damn if Hannibal doesn't make some spectacular looking meals sometimes?
  8. How is this show so gory? It's maybe the goriest show I have ever seen.
    Again, how the fuck was it on NBC?
  9. Why hasn't another channel picked up the show?
    Admittedly, I haven't finished the series yet so I don't know if they end it well.
  10. Did Dexter prevent this show from being on Showtime?
  11. Who would win in a battle between Hannibal and Dexter?
    Hannibal, duh.