...ok fine, 16. ☝️
  1. What did you do to make Gordon Ramsay so angry?
  2. Why are you always eating eggs out of those little egg cups?
  3. Who let Piers Morgan happen?
  4. Why is your pudding so thick?
  5. Where did you make Eddie Redmayne and why haven’t you made more of him?
  6. Why do you insist on ruining all your pies with meat?
  7. What are you always apologising for?
  8. How many small humans does it take to operate the robot you call Queen?
  9. What the fuck is a goddamn banger?
  10. Why do you hate French fries??
  11. Why will David Beckham never take his underwear off?
  12. What is the quickest way to get to Hogsmeade from where I’m currently standing?
  13. Why the FUCK are you always wrapping your goddamn fish in newspaper?
  14. Why did you let the spice girls stop?
  15. Where was the last Mary Poppins sighting and why haven’t you brought her back yet?
  16. Why do you keep ruining cookies by calling them biscuits?