1. You don't have to hide all the trashy tv and movies you watch because your mom watches them with you.
  2. You never have to beg for money because your mom is always there when you go out somewhere.
  3. All your other friends try to steal your mom because they are jealous that you have the "cool mom."
    But you know that you will always be first in her heart.
  4. You always have someone willing to barge into the school and demand they give you what you want because your mom is always on your side and hates all the same teachers you do.
  5. You know way more gossip than any of your other friends because your mom tells you what all the parents say too.
  6. Not only is she the ultimate advise-giver, but she knows you better than you know yourself and will always be able to help you through anything.
  7. No matter how old you get, how far away you go, or how bad you screw up, you know that your best friend will never give up on you and you will always come back to her in the end.