Great request from @PeteOnEarth 🙏
  1. Mackerel-more 🐟
    He kept getting into hot water with his lyrics.
  2. Two Cent 💰
    Nobody cared to hear his two cents.
  3. M.I.A. 🕵
    No one has seen her in a while...
  4. Meta Man 📀
    He made an EP about make an EP.
  5. Ty "There's-Only-One-Line-Through-The-S" Dolla $ign 💸
    Only surviving lyric: "Got my mind on my money and you keep drawing the symbol wrong."
  6. Lil Lil 🕸
    Later tried to drop the second Lil, but lost her fan base completely cause she wasn't lil enough anymore.
  7. Waka Waka 🐻
    Fozzie Bear sued over copyright usage.
  8. Vanilla Ice 🍦
    Was it "dun-dun-dun-dada-dun-dun" or "dun-dun-dun-dad-dun-dun-tsss?"
  9. That's My Name 💁
    She got sick of seeing everyone branding with their real names but the fans didn't catch on.
  10. Cotton Ball ☁️
    Q-Tip's hype man never made it out of the bathroom.
  11. Ice-T 🍹
    Acting is more his cup of, well... tea.
  12. Da Best 🏆
    People thought she was a little too full of herself. And she was like: "If I were a man, you'd all be like, 'Yeah, you da best!'" And the fans were like, "It's not our fault, it's the patriarchy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ " And she was like, "You're not even trying! Y'all are the worst."