Inspired by @WSJ. I liked the questions from this interview, so I'm going to answer them, too. All of them. If they're good enough for @bjnovak, they're good enough for me!
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    Number of unread emails:
    2 in my personal gmail; 243 on my work email. I don't allow that red number bubble on email, though. Don't need that stress 🙅
  2. •
    Trees and reflections off an infinity pool in Luang Prabang, Laos. (And, yes, I'm totally OCD about the apps on my homescreen - a swipe to the right reveals 4 folders that house everything else.)
  3. •
    Phone case:
    ~*MILITARY DROP-TESTED*~ by Incipio. I broke two phones last summer, soo... 😔
  4. •
    First app checked in the morning:
    Weather Kitty so I know how to dress appropriately for the day and a cute kitty pic starts it off right. (There's a Weather Puppy app, too!)
  5. •
    Last app checked before bedtime:
    Spotify- I go to sleep to peaceful meditation music (Healing Music for Massage Yoga Meditation, if you're interested). It helps me turn off my brain and get some 💤
  6. •
    Most used app:
    The List App and Paradise Bay (a game where you create and grow things in order to take care of and trade with friendly pirates).
  7. •
    App most likely to be viewed while in a checkout line:
    Neko Atsume Kitty Collector 🐱
  8. •
    Favorite game:
    I can play 2048 for hours. ⌛️
  9. •
    Cities listed in weather app:
    New York, Larchmont, and Forestport (all in state of NY); plus Florence and Venice, Italy.
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    Most essential app while traveling:
    Instagram! My friend showed me how to search by location and it's changed my world. And then, of course, I need to add my two cents!
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    Favorite shopping app:
    Sephora. I'm a beauty product junkie 💁
  12. •
    Most recent Uber ride:
    From midtown Manhattan to Newark airport.
  13. •
    Favorite photo filter:
    Amaro or no filter with some brightness tweaks.
  14. •
    Favorite podcast:
    The Moth- I love spoken stories 💖
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    Most surprising app you depend on:
    I too am like @bjnovak - I use Shazam all the time. Even if I know the song, I use it as a reminder "to download" list.
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    Person you FaceTime most often:
    I've only used FaceTime a couple of times. So my aunt and my bff?
  17. •
    Favorite emoji:
  18. •
    Most common Siri command:
    "Siri, please set the timer for X minutes."
  19. •
    Favorite Instagram feed:
    @drawbertson - come for the art, stay for the vids of his adorable twin boys.
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    Your most liked Instagram photo:
    "#breakfast #spread" Follow me if you want! Same name: @ashlynparish
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    Most listened to artist on iTunes or Spotify:
    Other than my sleep music (lol)? Adele and Florence + The Machine 🎵🎶
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    Your most re-tweeted tweet:
    I don't use Twitter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  23. •
    Outgoing voicemail message:
    Just the robot.
  24. •
    Most used social media app:
    Three-way tie between Instagram, List App, and Snapchat??
  25. •
    App I wish someone would invent:
    Don't want anyone stealing my ideas! 😜