1. I have many hopes for young girls in the world, but this list in particular pertains to young boys.
    Not dependent on genitalia!
  2. .
    I can definitely do one for girls soon - teaser tidbit: try not to focus/comment on how cute/pretty a little girl is. Maybe ask her instead what book she's reading or what she just learned at school?
  3. Because I have 4 nephews (ages 5.5, 4, 2.5, and 1).
    They're all angel bbs ... except when they're monsters.
  4. And one of my dearest hopes for them is that they're raised in such a way as to not feel badly about their sexuality and their desires/hopes/dreams.
  5. And, therefore, be more accepting and nonjudgmental of those around them.
  6. That they aren't told to "man up" or "act like a man."
  7. That they're allowed to cry and express their feelings without being told that "big boys/real men don't ________."
  8. That they can feel comfortable to take ballet or to play soccer or to bake- whatever they are passionate about and love to do or just plain have fun doing.
    No pressure!
  9. And a little small screen example that prompted me to write this list --
  10. A commercial for NCIS, one of my fav procedural shows, has Gibbs saying "Can't spell manicure without M-A-N" in a condescending tone to McGee.
    This always makes me cluck my tongue at the tv.
  11. This was probably a throw-away joke in the script...
  12. But this perpetuation really bothers me.
  13. Are men not allowed some self-care and self-love?
  14. Anyway, I know that my nephews are already starting off in this world with much more privilege than many of their peers, but that doesn't mean there isn't still room for improvement.