Requested by Aus10


I just so happen to be a consistent and constant Amazon shopper. So, this is a great request. And my first! Thx @aus10
  1. Slice Harvester: A Memoir in Pizza
    $14.02. This has been in my Saved for Later section of the cart for a while now. I really want to read it, but it seems like a silly thing to buy? idk, I should just go for it. I've bought dumber things.
  2. Yu-Be Lip Balm
    $5.00. I have so much lip balm hanging around, but I really love this brand? And I'm about to finish the one in my bathroom? I should just not. But I probably will.
  3. And I've got Prime shipping, baby!
    Sometimes I allow Amazon to send it to me in 5-7 days so I can get a free credit to a digital download. Cuz I like free stuff and I don't mind waiting a couple extra days for something (besides, I almost always receive my order well before 5 days).