1. Don't supersize your meal.
  2. Don't pay the service fee at the ATM.
  3. Don't get that cup o' joe.
  4. Don't rummage in the $2 rummage bin.
  5. Don't buy a pack of gum.
  6. Don't tip at lunch.
    Just kidding, you should totally tip if that is the practice in your country!
  7. Don't buy just one sock.
  8. Don't add extra toppings on your fro-yo.
  9. Don't buy 2 for the price of 1.
  10. Instead...
  11. Fold 2 Washington's into a butterfly.
  12. Save forever.
  13. Or give as a gift.
    (I plan on gifting to my baby niece when I meet her! ✨💸)
  14. But definitely, definitely, no matter what: DON'T pay $2 for a butterfly made of two bills.
    Unless they used Benjamin's!