1. Middle-Earth
    The Shire and Rivendell are literally what dreams are made of.
  2. Pleasantville
    When life goes technicolor.
  3. The World of Faerie according to Neil Gaiman
    From a village called Wall to lightning-catching pirate airships.
  4. Space according to Firefly
    The Wild West in space: retrofuturism at its finest.
  5. Stars Hollow, CT
    I'd run the B&B and participate in the local musicals. (I hear Melissa McCarthy may not be able to participate in the Netflix reboot due to her insane schedule because she's amazing and everyone wants her in their movies and I'd like to throw my hat in the ring as Sookie's quirky cousin who runs the joint while she's off doing whatever she's doing. Maybe traveling?)
  6. Bluebell, AL
    Coincidentally (or not?), it's the same set used for Stars Hollow. You can find me doing the same thing here as in Stars Hollow since Hart of Dixie is basically the same show/premise as Gilmore Girls.