Ever watch a movie and think to yourself, "That woman looks familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it..." Well, it's probably Sienna Miller. She's a chameleon.
  1. Burnt
    Shaved the bottom half of head for that half-ponytail look. Appropriately, took me half the movie to realize it was her.
  2. American Sniper
    This is actually a photo of Michelle Monaghan.
  3. Just kidding!
    It's Sienna. But I totally fooled you. You were like: 🤔
  4. Alfie, figure 1
    Bangs, contouring, and a very smokey eye. So mysterious. So Gisele Bundchen/Heidi Klum/Bo Derek/any 70s-era babe.
  5. Alfie, figure 2
    Did Alexa Chung dye her hair blonde??
  6. Foxcatcher
    I haven't seen this movie, so I've ruined the surprise for myself of realizing it's her. (I'm too scared to see it??? ...) But I'm getting a hint of Tea Leoni with a dash of Emma Thompson.
  7. Casanova
    I can't decide if she looks more like Vivien Leigh (Gone With The Wind) or Elizabeth Taylor here.
  8. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
    Could easily pass as Alyssa Milano, Katherine Heigl, or any Party of Five cast member.
  9. Factory Girl
    Kiernan Shipka in 10 years.
  10. Stardust
    I watched this movie about 5 times before realizing it was her. (This is maybe my fav movie of all time. Top 3, at the least.)
  11. The Girl
  12. Did you even know that she was in these movies?? I know. It's crazy.