1. On Friday night, I was out with my cousin and some girlfriend's for my cousin's bachelorette weekend.
  2. We had so much fun wine tasting and relaxing in Paso Robles, CA. 🍷✨
    Less pretentious Napa Valley? I've never been, so can't say for sure. ;)
  3. But just one little damper...
  4. When we went out to a bar on Friday night, some older guy leaning on the bar decided to slap my ass as I walked by.
  5. I was shocked and froze for a second.
    It was, like, a *crack.*
  6. But then I snapped out of it and poked him on the shoulder a couple of times and scolded him:
  7. "You don't touch a lady like that!"
    (I'm kinda embarrassed that I said "lady" in the heat of the moment, lol.)
  8. And a woman (total stranger) behind me added,
  9. "Yeah! You have to treat women with respect!"
  10. And she just so happened to be friends with the owner of the bar and got him kicked out!
  11. But I'd say about 5 years ago or so, I would've ignored it and not said anything (but I'd have been secretly very upset and would've let it ruin my evening out).
    Because I hated confrontation so so much. I mean; I still don't love it, but I like to think with my age and recent dgaf attitude has come some wisdom and a devil-may-care sensibility.
  12. So I'm pretty proud that I stood up for myself. 💁
    And still had a blast tearing up the dance floor with my friends and the bride-to-be.