Inspired by @tothemaxxx
  1. I woke up after little sleep due to List-scrolling!
  2. I ate exactly six (6) nutritional gummies!
    2x Biotin, 2x Probiotics, 2x Vitamin D3! My doctor informed me I have insufficient levels!
  3. I took a nap on the train to work!
  4. I exclaimed: "Hey! It's snowing!"
  5. I ate a tuna salad sandwich on pumpernickel bread!
  6. I did complicated excel formulas using IF and AND equations!
  7. I went into Zara!
    Promptly turned around and left!
  8. I went to the gym and did approximately ten (10) push-ups!
  9. I ate lemon sole en papillote!
  10. I read many Lists and wrote this List!
  11. I went to sleep at a reasonable hour!