Sorry to be just doing this now @DarrenBGarrett...
  1. Sleep.
  2. Giphy
  3. Okay, you're right, that's boring.
  4. Hmm... What else... what else...
  5. Grocery shop?
    I actually love to do this. I hit up Trader Joe's for the cheap and delicious snacks and Mrs. Green's for the whackadoodle foods (ex: sprouted mushroom powder with ginkgo and shamalama to promote brain health ... jk, I made that up ... but it probably exists) and Stop & Shop for the cat food (PetCo is too expensive).
  6. Catch up on tv?
    Sometimes I feel bad about watching hours of tv if it's a beautiful day out. But mostly I don't.
  7. Go for a walk?
    I live near a protected marshland so the bird watching can be pretty good.
  8. Go to the gym?
    oml. I'm in this for the steam room.
  9. Sleep.
    You're right. Who am I trying to kid?