1. Today, I didn't have time to pack my usual purse and laptop, so I grabbed the same bag I carried yesterday: my gym bag, even though today is my rest day from the gym.
  2. So there's gonna be a lot of random crap in my bag today. Huzzah.
  3. Spin shoes
    I should've just tossed 'em to the floor of my bedroom, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Makeup bag
    This is for when I shower at the gym and then need to immediately be presentable. Contains face cream, tinted lip balm, concealer, face powder, 2 different eyeshadow palettes (excessive), bobby pins, hair-ties, face wipes.
  5. Trader Joe's micellar face wipes
    Because the ones in my makeup bag aren't enough? Idk.
  6. Work notebook
    Usually I work out of our NYC offices, but I had meetings at our warehouse in New Jersey and packed my work notebook for, you know, work notes. 💥
  7. Personal notebook
    For journaling, bank account balancing, etc.
  8. Aloha trail mix
  9. Plastic shopping bag
    To keep gym clothes or sneaks separate after a sweat session.
  10. Advocare meal replacement powder
    Sometimes I skip breakfast or lunch (reasons: lazy, forgetful, busy, cheap), so it's handy to have one of these packets.
  11. Empty envelope with scribbled notes
    My office-mate was telling me about podcasts to download (Risk!, StarTalk, Hardcore History, and The Tim Ferriss Show), so I scribbled them onto an empty envelope. As you do.
  12. Quest nutrition bar
    Same reason as meal replacement shake. I like to be prepared for hunger pangs.
  13. Keys to a lock
    Important to note: no lock. 🤗
  14. Lipgloss
  15. Work ID
  16. Aquaphor lip balm
  17. 2 lipsticks
  18. Loose dollar bills
  19. Wallet
    Credit cards, IDs, ticket from when I saw Hanson at the New Orleans House of Blues (not embarrassed; it was amazing), lots of random pieces of papers and receipts, and frequent-shopper/loyalty punch cards. No actual money.
  20. 2 necklaces that I wore the other night and removed at the gym
    There they are! I was looking for them this AM.
  21. Work laptop
  22. Charger
  23. Mouse 😱🐭
    jk: 🖱/🖲
  24. Earphones
  25. In summation: