1. If you, a total stranger, tell me that you're pregnant or engaged or that you've hit any major milestone/accomplishment, I will 100% happy cry.
    God forbid you're an acquaintance of mine or a good friend or a FAMILY member. Actually, you better not tell me. I'll just become dehydrated from the constant leaking out of my eye holes.
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  3. Christian the Lion set to Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." I will bawl my little eyes out.
    Period. But so heart-warming and such a cathartic cry.
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  5. The commercial for Shriner's Hospital for Children. Alec, you are too much!
    The number of times this commercial has made me cry (hint: all the times) THE NUMBER OF TIMES THE SHRINER'S HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN COMMERCIAL HAS MADE ME CRY
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  7. *~spoiler~* Ponyboy's death in The Outsiders (book, please). I can't even.
    First read in 6th grade. I remember crawling into bed with my mom, sobbing hysterically: "Whuh-whhyyy ... sniffle ... did Ponyboy ... 😭😭 ... h-have to ... hiccup ... DIEEEE?????"
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  9. An animal's death in a movie, tv show, or book - horses, pigs, dogs, mice, and cats especially gut me. Oh, sorry, is that the majority of animals featured in fictional work ?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Movies for you to avoid, if you're like me: Of Mice and Men (Lenny, no, please! 😥), Wild, ... Wait, I think I've blocked all the other ones? I am totally blanking, even though I know I've watched many a movie through watery lenses...
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  11. When kids accept the new partner of their widowed/divorced parent.
    This was a new one for me and a total surprise when I started welling up. (My parents are still together, even!) Watching Code Black the other night, a little boy gets angry about his dad's fiancée and yells, "She's not my mother!" And by the end of the episode, he again says, "She's not my mother... She's my friend!" 💖
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