Inspired by a list from @shanaz, where I suggested that the gym fall under a list of things that are both a paradise and a war zone. And let me tell you why...
  1. WAR ZONE 💪🙈
  2. Actually getting there and off your couch
  3. AKA: effort
  4. Grunting
  5. Other people's sweat
  6. Heavy weights
    Lots of opportunity to hurt yourself.
  7. Your own sweat
    Especially if you don't have time to shower after. Or try not to wash your hair every day.
  8. Red face
    I'm of Irish descent. So I end up looking like a splotchy tomato by minute 2 of exertion.
  9. Mirrors
    Just. So. Many.
  10. That smell left on your hands from the free weights...
  11. Judgment
    Totally self-inflicted here. Alllll in my head. Maybe.
  12. PARADISE 💪💫
  13. Lack of judgment/pretense
    Everyone's just here to work out.
  14. Athleisurewear
    Is there any better time to enjoy gym clothes than now? Cool sweatshirts, neon leggings, graphic tanks. I hope this isn't the peak for athleisure!
  15. Those cold eucalyptus towels
  16. The locker room products
    At least, at the nicer gyms.
  17. Endorphins
    As Elle Woods says, "Endorphins make you happy. And happy people just don't shoot their husbands. They just don't."
  18. Sense of accomplishment
    If all you do in a day is walk on the treadmill while watching your latest Netflix obsession, at least it was *something.*
  19. Options
    Weights! Cardio! Yoga! Zumba! Stretching! Steam! Find what you like. Try new things. You do you.
  20. Health
    You're working on it. And good for you!
  21. Sick gym beats
    The opportunity to make or find the perfect gym playlist for you. For example, I enjoy ones that help you run at a certain pace. 👌