1. Surprise
    Who is this girl? Why is she calling herself Brittany? Did I forget what Brittany looks like?
  2. Confusion
    She seems to be the one cutting my hair... But I know I booked with Brittany... And her mirror and cards say Brittany... But she's not Brittany...
  3. Disbelief
    No. I for sure booked with Brittany. She must have changed her hair and that's why I don't recognize her.
  4. Horrified
    *looks over at other stations* There are TWO Brittanys?? There are two Brittanys.
  5. Embarrassment
    I booked with the wrong Brittany. Omg. I hope the real Brittany isn't working and sees me!
  6. Optimism
    Maybe this Brittany will do a fantastic job and it'll be one of those fortunate mistakes! I'm going to look so great!
  7. Hopefulness
    She seems to be doing a good job. She looks like she knows what she's doing...
  8. Anxiousness
    Why isn't she blow drying my hair? We ran out of time?! But how will she know she doesn't have to fix anything?
  9. Dissappoinment
  10. Regret