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The pairing of Draco and Hermione or "Dramione" as fans tend to refer to them has never been indicated in the books but that doesn't stop people from shipping them. What can I say, fanfiction writers like challenges. And I love well-written fanfiction.
  1. Marriage Law
    Nothing says romance like a law that forces you to marry someone and have sex with them.
  2. Hermione discovers she is actually a Pureblood
    ...and the sister of a influential Pureblood like Nott or Zabini. Easily paves way for the Dramione
  3. Head Boy and Head Girl are forced to share a room
    ...and a bathroom, in some of the more...salacious ones.
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the simple bare necessities of life
  1. Game of Thrones!
    That was quite cathartic
  2. Inbox and Google Keep. You make my life richer and simpler, simultaneously.
    But seriously, Keep team, if you're reading this, RTF is not a bad thing. It's not the enemy. That's Evernote, with their notebooks and their adorable logo.
  3. Loose tee shirts! For the days where you feel like you weigh a metric ton.
  4. Fanfiction. The more absurd the shipping, the better. The people who write incredible Dramione like The Green Girl are super talented.
    For those days when you just want to numb your brain and relax.
it's the bitch of living
  1. Swimsuits that hide and flatter.
  2. Popcorn. Thank God for popcorn!
  3. That Mindy Project style blog. Somehow, looking at pictures of Mindy in beautiful dresses/shirts/skirts makes me feel better.
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look around look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now
  1. Home made citron pickle and curd rice! Also, mini idli, drenched in sambhar with nary a drumstick (the veggie) in sight.
    Hurray for Indian food!
  2. The nephew who giggled when he saw me and beckoned me to take him from his mum so that he could rest his forehead against mine and giggle some more.
    I am also grateful for the niece who ignored me until there was no one also around to pick her up.
  3. Cotton pants! Cotton pants with bowties, in various colors, all over them.
    Something like this but with brightly colored bowties on them.
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from just the first three seasons. so. hard. to. choose.
  1. 1.
    That episode where Mindy climbs a 102 floors for Danny and for some reason, everyone thinks DANNY'S gesture is romantic.
    And she somehow managed to look as fresh as a daisy even as she lay on that disgusting floor. Oh that Mindy.
  2. 2.
    That episode where Danny is an amazing friend to Mindy and Josh is a cheating asshole.
    It had the best guest star ever (pictured above). And how great is Ellie Kemper!
  3. 3.
    Those incredible 20 odd minutes where Mindy realizes she needs to be her own best friend.
    Tbh, I'd totally steal those tracksuits. Those look so comfy.
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  1. The original Cats
  2. Phantom of the Opera
    With Michael Crawford
  3. Into the Woods
    The Joanna Gleason production
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