The pairing of Draco and Hermione or "Dramione" as fans tend to refer to them has never been indicated in the books but that doesn't stop people from shipping them. What can I say, fanfiction writers like challenges. And I love well-written fanfiction.
  1. Marriage Law
    Nothing says romance like a law that forces you to marry someone and have sex with them.
  2. Hermione discovers she is actually a Pureblood
    ...and the sister of a influential Pureblood like Nott or Zabini. Easily paves way for the Dramione
  3. Head Boy and Head Girl are forced to share a room
    ...and a bathroom, in some of the more...salacious ones.
  4. Malfoy was actually a double agent during the War
    If written before Book Seven came out, this will definitely feature in the fanfic.
  5. Hermione is Malfoy's Veela mate
    ...and it's all they can do to not tear each other's clothes off in the Great Hall.
  6. Hermione gets cheated on and Malfoy helps her get revenge by giving her a makeover and then dating her
    Ron is usually the poor chap who's lead by his...pillar.