Things I'm grateful for, this Saturday

look around look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now
  1. Home made citron pickle and curd rice! Also, mini idli, drenched in sambhar with nary a drumstick (the veggie) in sight.
    Hurray for Indian food!
  2. The nephew who giggled when he saw me and beckoned me to take him from his mum so that he could rest his forehead against mine and giggle some more.
    I am also grateful for the niece who ignored me until there was no one also around to pick her up.
  3. Cotton pants! Cotton pants with bowties, in various colors, all over them.
    Something like this but with brightly colored bowties on them.
  4. Friends who trust me enough to proofread for them.
    It's Saturday night and I'm absolutely thrilled to be proofreading two very different pieces of content.
  5. A brother who turns 31 today!
    He didn't pick up the phone but I can't blame him because he was driving with a baby, the third of the three children to whom I am "aunt" or as we like to call it, athai.