1. Caught up on Bones.
  2. Ordered chocolate on PrimeNow
  3. Watched my hamster rearrange his cage toys
  4. Thought about that book I'm reading
  5. Texted some people at yr party
  6. Ate some old caramels I found on the junk drawer
  7. Sent Shelby some links from lucky peach
  8. Looked up cures for halitosis
  9. Brushed my teeth
  10. Looked up Harriet Tubman on Wikipedia
  11. Ate the candy Paulo brought from Amazon
  12. Put the hamster in his ball
  13. Looked up daily water intake
  14. Looked up halitosis diagnosis
  15. Texted some people at yr party
  16. Read an article about the measurement of calories
  17. Read two months of my livejournal
  18. Thought about playing Mario Kart
  19. Texted some people at yr party
  20. Drank a glass a water
  21. Ordered some new pants from Japan