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  1. Your English is really good!
    Yeah. A couple centuries of colonisation can do that to ya.
  2. You don't look like you come from poverty.
    Nope, we're not all Slumdogs. Sorry!
  3. You must be working at Microsoft/Amazon/Facebook/some tech company
    I'm a writer.
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Publishing this for my fiancé, P.
  1. Dark side of the moon
    Pink Floyd
  2. Led zeppelin IV
    Led Zeppelin, duh
  3. Communique
    Dire Straits
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  1. Go out every single weekend?
  2. Whenever. Wherever.
  3. ATM: Any Time Massage
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  1. I download all snaps I'm too embarrassed to share. No one sees this, right? Yup.
  2. I truly have no idea. Are butt-pics a thing? Is this one?
  3. Really cool graffiti on a Capitol Hill (Seattle) wall. I look at it sometimes because the colours are simultaneously stimulating and soothing. #alliteration. (are hashtags a thing here?)
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