1. Am always late to everything
    Used to be obsessively, annoyingly early. Now there's no time, there's never any time, Jessie Spano style.
  2. Have thinner hair
    Am now rocking 'old woman of the village' scraggly hair.
  3. Find myself lost in thought in rando places
    Mentally writing chapters during 40-minute showers, forgetting to pull the cord on the bus, staring at walls. Literally staring at walls as an hour passes.
  4. Cry a lot
    Stress, exhaustion, anxiety. They manifest during Dancing With the Stars and if my dog is stubborn during a walk. I'm emotionally compromised.
  5. Have permanent bloodshot eyes
    No moar computer screen ever pls pls pls.
  6. Forget to eat
    It can happen.
  7. Eat two meals at a time
    It does happen.
  8. Never sleep, Always sleep
    Stress, exhaustion, anxiety.
  9. Find myself appreciating the good in my life more than ever
    My dog, my friends, my boyfriend. The sun, OHMYGOD. How delicious a homemade meal tastes. Exercise. Staying in bed on the weekend. My brain, and how it's capable of thinking hard enough to get me a terminal degree.