*You* are your best accessory.
  1. Clay Matthews
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    By the end of the night you can transition to wet, greasy hair whips without shame
  2. Dumbledore
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    Must create beard; for Swedes mostly
  3. Mean Dumbledore
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    If you have more rage than the first Dumbledore
  4. Wembley from Fraggle Rock
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    Solid in theory, questionable in execution
  5. Tilda Swinton
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    As herself; for the pixie-cutted
  6. MK and Ashley
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    For besties; I do not care if they are not currently culturally relevant because this is a two-minute costume
  7. Legolas
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    Gender neutral
  8. Cindy Lou Who
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    My hair looks like this when I wake up, v. manageable
  9. J.T.
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    One curling iron, wig, and/or black sharpie away from this Tiger Beat perfection