Aesthetic: My understanding of the beauty in life (lived, felt, observed, dreamt) from only the photos on my one-year-old iPhone.
  1. A first meeting
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  2. Capturing passion in a passing glance
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  3. Grit reimagined
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  4. Healthy wear and tear
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  5. Comfortable love
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  6. A sleepy face
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  7. Beauty with funk
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  8. To breathe in and breathe out
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  9. Familiar simplicity
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  10. Pretty, delicate touches
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  11. Peace
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  12. Stories faces tell
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  13. Satiation
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  14. Seeing your world through another's eyes
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  15. Naturalness
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  16. Textures and presentation
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  17. Inviting quiet
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  18. Surprising moments
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  19. Wonder
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  20. Accepting the calm, when it comes
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  21. Unconventional strength and beauty
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  22. Warmth
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  23. Beauty in pain
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  24. Paradise found
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  25. Exploring
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  26. A settled heart
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