The scene: he moved in two days ago. The crime: Rommie won't stop whining. No. Matter. What. I. Doooo. The cause: ??????
  1. He blows a dog whistle every 10 seconds
  2. He's chopping up bodies and Rom is trying to warn me
  3. His pheromones are wolf-like
  4. He urinates on my door
  5. He has 40 cats I don't know about
  6. He used the "you look really familiar" pickup line on me yesterday and now Rom just wants to eat him
  7. He's drizzling chicken stock on my doormat as means to lure my dog and me over a la Hansel and Gretel
  8. His SUPER FRESH LAVENDER AND GARDEN SUNRISE SMELLING APARTMENT is causing cognitive damage to Rommie's pea-brain
  9. Send help